Indulging Nutella!

Mmmmmmmm….Homemade Nutella!😋 Being healthy doesn't mean being deprived! I mean, who in good conscience could deprive their kids (or themselves!) of nutella?? I believe that learning to indulge healthfully in our favourite foods is key to a healthy lifestyle. How can we be successful when deprivation exists? If we’re constantly feeling deprived, that means we’re constantly unsatisfied, and if we’re constantly unsatisfied, that means we’re constantly relying on our willpower to keep us on track (and we all know how that story ends….knee deep in a tub of ice cream at 3AM). BUT, if we learn how to indulge in our favourite foods while at the same time nourishing our bodies from the ingredients w

Fermented Veggies - Why and How To.

How the gut functions has both a direct and indirect effect on every single cell in the human body. Your gut is the gateway to the health of your brain and your immune system and researchers are finding out more and more about the important role of healthy gut flora in achieving overall health. It is argued that the root of almost all chronic diseases starts in the gut and that even many minor ailments such as tiredness, aches and pains, allergies, mood swings, eczema and constipation, can all be directly related to gut dysfunction. In order to keep our gut and thus ourselves, healthy, we need to maintain the good bacteria in our gut and limit the growth of the bad bacteria (pathogenic bacte

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