Woman Shopping for Groceries

How To Read An Ingredient Label

Knowing what to look out for and avoid in packaged food is a key factor in achieving weight loss goals, maximum energy, longevity, and brain health. This guide will teach you how to read an nutrition label in easy to understand, step-by-step format (with a printable “Ingredients To Avoid List” that you can bring with you to the grocery store).

Fruits and Vegetables

Inflammation 101

Find out what it is, why it matters and how you can maintain healthy levels of inflammation within your body. This free resource also includes healthy swaps for inflammatory foods, as well as an extensive list of the top anti-inflammatory foods so you can begin to include them right away!  

Fresh Groceries

Gut Health Shopping Guide

Our overall health depends heavily on the diversity of our gut’s microbiome (the bacteria in our gut).  And the biggest player affecting our gut health is what we eat or don't eat!! So let's go shopping....

Healthy Salad

Dinner Rescue Resource

Download 6 of my favourite, easy to prep, dinner recipes to help you make it through the work week with ease!  

Bottle of probiotics

Gut Health 101 Guide

Download my easy reference guide for tips on how to optimize the health of your gut! 

Heart Shape

Flour Substitution Guide

Baking with new, healthier flours can come with its frustrations (anyone who's ever tried baking with coconut flour, knows what I'm talking about!). To help you out, I've put together an easy substitution guide. Check it out!