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Holiday Survival Guide

I get it. Staying on track over the holidays is haaard. And the mere fact that IT IS the holidays, almost makes it the perfect excuse not to stay on track! ...But then January comes, and you feel like shit.


Both physically (because you've gained weight), and mentally (because you're mad at yourself for throwing away all of our hard work). But not this year!!

Being healthy is not about perfection, especially over the holidays! You are human and perfection is impossible (and so NOT fun!). Let that idea go! 

A better approach to the holidays and your health in general, is to know (and prioritize) what serves you, while also recognizing what doesn’t.


This guide will give you 12 strategies to help you navigate the holidays without feeling deprived AND without throwing away all of your hard work!


I've tried to make them as easy as possible to ensure your success & I really hope this serves you well xo

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