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Veggie Packed Cabbage Soup

If you follow me at all, you'll know that one of the biggest (and in my opinion, most beneficial!) healthy habits that I promote, is meal prepping. It takes time, yes. But it saves time (and stress!) down the road too.

It takes the last minute scrambling out of early morning lunch making and weeknight meals. AND it ensures that you'll be eating healthy, nutritious food that will fuel your body, your mind, and leave you feeling amazing!

One of the meals I most often prep, is soup. It's easy to make, it's healthy, and it always makes enough to feed you and your family for more than just one meal. Plus, it freezes well. Straight A's all around.

And I especially like this soup because it's packed with nutrient dense, detoxifying veggies. Cabbage, obviously, taking the leading role.

And with good reason. Cabbage is one of the most beneficial foods that you can add to your diet. Each serving packs in tons of fibre and free radical-fighting antioxidants, as well as micronutrients like vitamin C, vitamin K, manganese and folate.

Not only that, but cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables (like broccoli, cauliflower and kale, which are also in this soup!) are well-known for their multitude of health-promoting properties, especially when it comes to liver health.

Your liver is one of the most hard-working organs in your body, and works tirelessly to filter out toxins and keep you feeling healthy. Eating foods like cabbage and kale, help to keep it working optimally.

Cruciferous vegetables stimulate the production of enzymes in the liver that aid in detoxification. Increasing your intake of cabbage (and other cruciferous veggies) promotes proper detoxification, improving liver function and enhancing overall health. (1)

This soup is amazing because you're consuming a lot of great-for-you veggies in one shot. Plus, soup is an easy food to digest, leaving you bloat free and with more energy! So, what are you waiting for, go make some already! You can find the recipe to my go-to cabbage soup below. 👇


Recipe adapted from "7 Day Diet Weight Loss Soup" by


  • 2 Tbsps extra virgin olive oil (look for olive oil that is "first cold pressed" and packaged in a dark, glass bottle)