by the hour

By the hour

Feel like you already live a pretty healthy life but find yourself 

getting confused by the all contradictory health advice out there? Or maybe you just want to learn how to read food labels (and have them make sense!)? Or perhaps you just have some nagging health questions that you really want cleared up?


By the hour coaching is for people who may not feel that they need a full 6 month program to reach their health goals but who still have questions or concerns relating to their health.


By-the-hour-coaching allows you to address any health questions or concerns you may have on an hourly basis. How many hours, is totally up to you! 


It is still recommended that those wishing to do health coaching on an hourly basis, complete a health consultation prior to their first coaching session, in order that I may best serve their unique goals. 

Cost :  $95/hr. 

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